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What We Do

We solve human problems for leaders and their companies by working at the intersection of business, psychology, health and humanities. We do this by creating novel solutions and experiences through human centered design and transformation.

We believe the world has reached a tipping point and companies will need to pivot towards strategies that are focused on purpose and human needs. We have also entered a new paradigm for evaluating CEO and leadership performance where human lives and social values matter, and it is no longer just about the shareholder and bottom line.

Newmanity provides the human centered expertise that is needed to navigate the complex world so companies can reinvent themselves and stay relevant for the future.

CEO and Executive Leadership Development

We recognize that true transformation starts at the top and it is no longer solely about shareholder performance. Trust is now becoming a company’s greatest currency and CEOs along with executives must be willing to demonstrate courage, creativity and integrity in their leadership. With over a decade of CEO global best practices across different industries, we provide leadership development and training to CEOs and executives at a world class standard.

People and Culture Transformation

A company’s most valuable asset is its people and culture. Culture is increasingly becoming core to a company’s reputation and is central to its ongoing value proposition. We help create the shift from a fear-based culture into a highly engaged, high performing culture which is supported by a strong vision and purpose. We are also friends and confidants to the CEO and are the trusted bridge between the CEO and other leaders in the organization to ensure there is ownership across the entire organization.

Team Performance

Building a positive momentum for team performance has never been more challenging in the hybrid work model. We develop teams at all levels of the organization so that they are meaningfully connected, highly resilient and focused on both learning and winning.

Team Performance
Building the Learning Organization​

Building the Learning Organization

Building a learning organization is essential to strategic growth, succession planning and retention. We help companies set up the right talent, learning and training framework that encourages leaders to continuously be inspired to learn and grow. We also help leaders to think and behave systemically so they can navigate issues dynamically and understand key drivers of behavior.

Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG)

People everywhere are watching how leadership will respond to the current climate, and how they will treat their employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders. We help train executives towards integrity-based leadership so they can effectively engage boards and all other stakeholders around ESG. We help companies transform their ESG strategy into attitudes and behaviors that are lived and visible within the entire organization.

Women’s leadership

We believe there to be a feminine force leading the new world and women are being asked to step in to become great leaders. We take an integrated approach to our leadership programs by applying broader principles in psychology, humanities and wellness. We help companies create women’s leadership programs from inception or partner with DENI or other task forces to produce the desired transformation. We use WOI Global to deliver over a decade of global best practice expertise across the women’s leadership agenda.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is the cornerstone strategy for creating value and building a healthy and sustainable organization.  For many organizations, it is important that DE&I become a lived experience that ultimately changes behaviors, creates long term value and has an impact across all stakeholders including employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers. Our team partners with executives and DE&I task forces to create the strategy and to enable the transformation of DE&I initiatives, while ensuring that strategic outcomes have a genuine impact on the hearts and minds of all stakeholders.

Diversity and teamwork as a group of diverse people joining hands


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