Our Results

Our Results

“Performance against revenue expectations is 23% greater for companies with high engagement capital compared to those with low engagement capital” (ADP, 2012). It should be noted that most firms probably do not even use 50% of the collective brainpower of their employees” 

By working with Newmanity, CEOs and companies also make the shift to more balanced, ethical leadership and experience very significant results within their companies.. 

Here are some of the results leaders and companies can expect working with Newmanity.

Business transformation with potential to affect share price through unlocking human capital and value.

Human centered companies that promote trust, integrity, care and creativity while driving growth, innovation, disruption and outperformance.

Leadership teams that are diverse, balanced and create real sustainable results.

Greater trust and transparency across the Board, CEO, leadership team, key stakeholders and the rest of the organization which creates aligned value and better market performance.

A culture that is comfortable with expressing vulnerability and learning from failure as a recognized tool for growth and innovation.

Pioneering new entrepreneurial business models that can result in market disruption and align to social change.

Business systems that are more resilient to change and a culture which embraces change.

Greater accountability and ownership through transformational leadership development and creating transformational leaders within the organization.

Greater cross functionality and a reduction in silos creating a more dynamic organization.

Identifying hidden key talent in the organization and aligning them to opportunities to create new value.

Human Resources that is transformation focused and goes beyond engagement.

Thriving cultures that are real-time in addressing business challenges

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Neil Carousso - Entrepreneur and Award-Winning Journalist

Dr Wandee Khunchornyakong Testimonal – CEO SPCG

Dr Jim Doty – Founder School of Compassion and Altruism Research Stanford University


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